PDQ 34 Power Catamaran

Building the PDQ 34

PDQ 34 Power CatamaranFrom start to finish, technology is a driving force behind building our boats. The power of this technology is phenomenal in its ability to develop shapes and configurations. With these systems, our designers can quickly and accurately perform weight distribution studies using intricate mathematical models that would otherwise take weeks to complete.

The advantage of having a composite model is that we can accurately see perspective views. This "real life" view gives us the ability to place a hypothetical person in the boat to gather ergonomic data. These ergonomic reference models in turn help us select every item and its placement on board. When it come time to build, we can create cross sections and render 3D surfaces that can then be machined to shape.

With Pearson Composites doing the build of the PDQ, very little has changed. The same high tech design and manufacturing techniques are in place. Pearson Composites actually designed and trademarked the popular SCRIMP® technology (a form of vacuum bagging). SCRIMP® is a dependable, error-proof method for making very high quality, repeatable composite parts with almost zero VOC emissions.  Its advantages are as follows:

  • Produces parts that are generally lighter and stronger than conventional fiberglass parts
  • Suitable for a wide range of sizes - from small components to very large structures
  • Highly refined over a fifteen year period
  • Proven performance resulting in tens of thousands of large-scale, structural parts
  • Wide-ranging applications in many industries including wind energy, transportation, marine and military

Until they can be updated, the photos below are an accurate depiction of the current process.

Link here to view the building of the PDQ 34 Power Catamaran or link on pictures below.




Hull Assembly



Engine Placement

Wood Modules

Deck Installation



Dinghy Davits

Final Assembly







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