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Rhumb Line Yacht Sales is planning a PDQU event in early summer 2011. If you have just bought a PDQ 34 or are considering the purchase, this event is for you! The exact timing and location has not been finalized but if you are interested in participating, let us know! Email Beth at beth@pdqyachts.com.

horizontal linePDQ Forum a great resource

If you are interested in owning a PDQ or are already part of the family, be sure and visit the PDQ Forum (www.pdqforum.com). There is a wealth of information awaiting you! The sharing of ideas, suggestions and recommendation come from mostly owners and gives you an honest view of how much these folks LOVE their boats!

horizontal linePDQ Videos hit YouTube

Rhumb Line Yacht Sales has taken the leap into 21st Century technology. This summer/fall they worked hard to compile a large assortment of PDQ informational videos for the public to view. What a great way for avid PDQ followers to see the ins and outs of these fantastic vessels! There are still no new PDQs on the production floor, but there are several excellent used boats available. Not everyone can make it to a boat show but everyone can click on these videos! Feel free to visit Rhumb Line's YouTube channel...just click the link below.

PDQ Videos

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PDQ Open House

PDQ OPEN HOUSE & OWNERS RENDEZVOUS on January 23 & 24, 2010 in Stuart, Florida proved a big success. Owners and prospective owners came by car, boat and plane to spend the weekend with Rhumb Line Yacht Sales. PDQ enthusiasm hasn't lost a beat! Over 60 owners and 30 prospects milled about throughout the 2 day event and enjoyed seminars, sea trials and conversation. For prospective buyers, there were 10 boats side by side for inspection and comparison. Since we will not have a presence at the boat shows this spring, it was a great way to see all that the PDQ has to offer! For the owners, it was a great way to share information, show off their boats and meet other owners. Many even locked in plans for Bahamas crossings and other trips!

To read more on the event, please visit: http://www.snodoglog.com/10-January-Pg1.html

horizontal lineCats in the Keyskeys

The Bahamas may be beautiful but 2009 is the year for the Florida Keys - at least on a PDQ! Spur-of-the-moment gatherings have occurred from Key Largo to Key West. Owners have enjoyed the chance to catch up, compare cruising notes and share various customization ideas on their PDQs. The shallow waters of the Florida Keys are just one of the many areas "right in our backyard" that are enjoyable cruising grounds in the PDQ 34 and 41. Owners of ThomKat, Pea Cay, Sno' Dog and Heron enjoying another beautiful sunset.


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How does the PDQ handle in rough seas?
Just ask Henry Clews....


Every year Henry Clews and Nancy Chandler take their PDQ 34, Sno' Dog from New Hampshire to Florida. This year was rougher than usual. 9' seas and 35 knot winds were exciting, but Sno' Dog proved once again that she could handle the rough stuff! "We've never had a moment's doubt about her capabilities.  And, as I said at the end of this fall's log, it's hard to imagine a better boat for the ICW trip."

Henry and Nancy have logged more than 9,800 nautical miles under their keel. For anyone considering a PDQ in their future, a visit to the Sno' Dog log is highly recommended. Thanks to Henry's meticulous record keeping, data on almost every aspect of the boat can be viewed. Click here to visit the Sno' Dog Log.


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